Day 29 – Playing Music as Medicine

There are a number of reputable, scientific studies that affirm the premise of music as medicine. Below are the top 5 results from the Google search “scientific studies on the power of music to heal”

The search results also highlighted an NPR interview with author Elena Mannes, on her book The Power of Music. Elena is the award-winning creator of the acclaimed documentary “The Music Instinct: Science & Song which explores the power of music and its connection to the body, the brain, and the world of nature.

6 Proven Benefits of Music Therapy:

  • Music therapy reduces anxiety and physical effects of stress
  • It improves healing
  • It can help manage Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Music therapy reduces depression and other symptoms in the elderly
  • It helps to reduce symptoms of psychological disorders including schizophrenia
  • Music therapy improves self-expression and communication

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