Day 16 – Maintaining Our Hiking Trails

In the woods, we return to reason and faith. There I feel that nothing can befall me in life — no disgrace, no calamity, (leaving me my eyes,) which nature cannot repair.” Nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Extended backwoods adventures, backpacking along trails far from the clamor of civilization, have been inspirational and restorative throughout my life. Although less frequent and much tamer in my later years, the yearning for and appreciation of escaping to “God’s country” has not left me.

We are truly blessed to have so many wilderness resources available to us. Whether escaping alone for a day hike at a state park, or strolling down a nearby greenway with a small group of friends, taking a green break takes us into a better frame of mind.

The American Hiking Society is the organization I spotlight today. “We envision a world where everyone feels welcome in the American hiking community and has permanent access to meaningful hiking, including urban, frontcountry, and backcountry opportunities.” The outdoors should be a place of healing and enjoyment for all.

With the support of our members, sponsors, and partners, American Hiking has improved trail access for millions of Americans.

  • We’ve Mobilized 558,708 Trail Volunteers
  • We’ve Facilitated 41,146 Miles of Trail Maintenance & Construction
  • Volunteers Have Contributed $108 Million in Volunteer Labor

So, take a hike! Volunteer to maintain a nearby trail. Give to the nature charity of your choice.