Day 11 – Delivering Food to Seniors

Older folks of all races and ethnicities are marginalized by society at large. They become invisible and forgotten. In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, our most vulnerable population – seniors – are facing extreme challenges. It can be dangerous navigating a grocery store to purchase essentials. One outstanding charity that is standing in the breach is Meals on Wheels (MOW).

  • Nearly 9.5 million seniors are threatened by hunger
  • 1 in 4 seniors live alone, with most reporting significant “loneliness”
  • 7.1 million seniors live in poverty, living on less than $234 per week
  • 83% of low income seniors are not getting the meals they need

Vulnerable seniors are at the greatest risk amid COVID-19. Local Meals on Wheels programs are on the front lines every day, focused on doing all they can to keep older Americans safe and nourished in communities across the country. 

Meals on Wheels is designed specially to meet the nutritional and social needs of vulnerable seniors. Millions of volunteers enable 220 million meals to be delivered to 2.4 million seniors each year. MOW can serve a senior for an entire year for about the same cost as just one day in a hospital or 10 days in a nursing home.

Learn more. Donate to Meals on Wheels.