Day 8 – Providing Clean Water

1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water. More than half of the world does not have access to safe sanitation services – UNICEF, WHO. Some 2.2 billion people around the world do not have safely managed drinking water services, 4.2 billion people do not have safely managed sanitation services, and 3 billion lack basic handwashing facilities.

It’s hard to image, for those of us having been raised and living in the developed world, that most of our global neighbors don’t have access to what we so thoughtlessly indulge in throughout the day. Taking a bath or shower. Washing our hands. Using and flushing a toilet. Filling our glass with drinking water. Watering our plants or gardens. Ordering ice water with our meal at a restaurant.

This ubiquitous crisis is made all the more debilitating in the wake of the CoronaVirus Pandemic.

Usually, women and children bear the primary responsibility for water collection. Today, women around the world will spend a collective 200 million hours collecting water. Additionally, women and girls spend 266 million hours every day just finding a place to go.

If you are interested in donating to a reputable organization that is addressing this crisis, here’s a site that lists The Best 10. In times past I have donated to #3 BloodWater, as we used to share office space and I know the founders. Founded in 2004, they have done amazing work helping the AIDS crisis in Africa and providing Wells. On this pass however I have chosen #2,, founded by Matt Damon and Gary White.