Day 6 – Alleviating Extreme Poverty

During my philanthropic explorations, I ran across a well known champion for the poor who some have labeled the “world’s most influential living philosopher;”  Peter Singer, the founder of The Life You Can Save.  Listen to his powerful Ted Talk.

The concept behind this unique nonprofit is to carefully vet the best, most effective world charities into a list of 100, then use their platform as a way to multiply donations to these organizations 13 fold.  “Since 2013, The Life You Can Save, has watched the effects of their seed funding multiply the money raised for charities: generating $13 to our recommended nonprofits for every dollar we spent on total operations.”

The website offers participants to filter among the chosen 100 best charities or give a combined gift which is distributed among all.  One example is Oxfam. “Over 700 million people worldwide live on less than US$1.90 a day.  For those in extreme poverty, it is difficult or impossible to secure adequate food and shelter, let alone access to education and basic health care.”  

If you are moved to donate to The Life You Can Save (all 100), you can do it here.