Day 5 – Educating Young Women

As a father of two lovely, very capable young ladies, I am a firm believer in the power and potential inherent in each girl. Unfortunately, many girls are deprived of opportunities to thrive; oppressed by systems that are vested in their subjugation. One of the most empowering things that can be given to these young women is education.

In looking for organizations that advocate for this cause, I ran across an excellent one, Malala began her fight for girls — from an education activist in Pakistan to the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate — and continues her campaign through Malala Fund. You can learn about her story here.

As outlined on the website, “Malala Fund invests in education activists and advocates who are driving solutions to barriers to girls’ education in their communities. Malala Fund’s key initiative — the Education Champion Network — supports the work of education champions in developing countries and speeds up progress towards girls’ secondary education around the world.”

If you are interested supporting their work, Donate to Malala