Day 3 – Supporting First Responders

Thank God for all the first responders that stand in the gap between the living and the dying. Putting their own lives at risk to make a difference and help those in need of emergency aid. There are many way to support these brave heroes. Even a simple acknowledgement to a passing police officer or nurse will be appreciated. Being on the front lines takes its toll however, physically and emotionally.

In searching for ways to support first responders, I ran across the All Clear Foundation. Here are some interesting facts reported on their website, along with the reminder that “There is a Human Behind Every First Responder’s Badge”:

  • The life expectancy of First Responders is 20 years less than average. Police ages 55-60 have a 56% chance of dying from a heart attack – 35x more than average. First Responders are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty. 20 -25% of all First Responders experience Post-Traumatic Stress. The impact of a First Responder’s job affects his or her entire family.

If you want to support first responders through this venue, here is the link: